Mayor and Council Please read:


As you are aware, I hope.

Wind farms have become a contentious issue here and around the world.

As members of council it is your responsibility to represent your constituents.
I, like many others, do not believe the best interests of Kincardine will be served by the decision to allow wind farms into the Municipality.

I ask that you take the time to further educate yourself on the subject.

The first link has wind farm information from around the world. The video links are on the right side of the page. One is about a wind farm on scale with the one here. The other is about property values after the arrival of a wind farm.

These are also very good

It would appear Council closed both their eyes and ears to all information, except that provided by the wind industry and the govt.


To all those living in the great Municipality of Kincardine, I ask that you also take time to educate yourself on the matter.




Ron Stephens







One comment on “Kincardine

  1. Kincardine council supported the 50 meter setback at the Bruce County ATP meeting.

    Kincardine council ignored the advice of the professional planners at the County of Bruce.

    Kincardine council ignored what neighbouring municipalities are doing.

    Kincardine council ignored what other jurisdictions in the US and Europe are doing.

    Kincardine council opted to pass zoning by-laws before the Ontario Ministry of the Environment had completed its review of the wind farm developer’s screening report.

    Who needs planners? Who needs the Ontario Ministry of the Environment? We are fortunate to have had so much expertise on Kincardine council that they could arrive at an independent decision that ignored the science and experience from the rest of the world in favour of the interests of corporate wind developers. When the interests of corporate wind developers are better served, the interest of the greater community is better served regardless of the concessions in terms of health, safety, economics and social values. Besides, they are going to save the planet for us.

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