3 comments on “South Bruce OPP Rape Woman at Walkerton Court House

  1. I had an officer of the courts in Walkerton on Monday Jan.19 2015 come flying down the stairs at me and physically assault me. It was witnessed by both my husband and the court clerk supervisor. The officers’ name is Kelly Breen. I was told to contact O.P.P. in Walkerton, which I did and was told by Constable Murray Woodman Badge number 7217 that he would not lay charges against Mr. Breen as it is just my perception of what happened and that a J.P. or a judge would not even look at it. I am expected to write out a statement myself and send it in. What do these so called officers get payed for? It can’t be for paperwork as they will not do any. This incident was reported on Mon. Jan. 19, 2015, again to a West Grey police officer on Tues. Jan. 20 2015, and then to the Walkerton O.P.P. Every officer that I talked to before the O.P.P. officer claims the man needs to be charged. Why aren’t they doing their jobs? I have tried to report this but it is falling on deaf ears. I am hoping maybe someone can help with this.

  2. I had the same thing happen to me once but I had 2 of them literally go over a man in a wheelchair and 3 other people to get to me to throw me out of the courtroom all because i asked a question. I tried to charge the 2 officers who laid their hands on me but the RCMP would not let me. Talk about protecting their own like the Protocols say.

  3. I am so sorry that you have experienced this Karen. It’s proven now that our ‘boys’ in blue are private security guards & are not working for us. Any officer on the force less than 10 years has been hired with an IQ below 100 so their immediate response will be one of aggression not reason. They can’t think – & are trained not to. Many are on steroids… with no pupils I noticed last time I was in court. I recommend that you write down everything about the incident, in as much detail as you can. Judge W. Rabley stated on the record that you can RECORD & PHOTOGRAPH any public official or policy enforcer anywhere in the court house except in a court room. Always carry a recording device & publicly post. If officers don’t have the moral conscience to control their behaviour, perhaps public postings will. As you are not alone in your experience & disillusionment, victims of OPP brutality are currently pulling together for civil action against the boys & girls who are supposed to be PROTECTING us – not running around like ignorant, grossly overpaid & armed yahoos. MAG Special Investigations Unit investigators Derrick Wide, Steve Gibbons & Claude Chapados did NOTHING when I was raped by a Walkerton OPP officer at the court house this past spring. PC Philip Schuessler, Derrick Frook, Ian Noble, Jeffrey Duddley, Kerry Hall, Zoe MacCrostie & Mark Merrick were all involved in my GROSS false arrest & imprisonment. The public has a right to know which officers they need to be careful of. And it is only a matter of time before we get lawful recourse. Feel free to contact me at puddlys@hotmail.com. Again, I am so sorry … my complaint this past spring was to prevent this from happening to any other woman. Little boys in bullet-proof zoot suits getting $100,000/year pay cheques to attack innocent women at a court house – God is shaking His head…. we all are…

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