One comment on “Wind Energy is Full of Hot Air

  1. You ass turbines dont turn if there is no wind, they sit dorment consuming no energy at all. Maybe the lights that are on door switchs consume all this energy, or maybe the small amount of electricity required to excite the generator consumes mass amounts of electricity. Turbines turn and produce power in near zero wind conditions, there is no motor to turn the blades or any other mechanical driving force. Maybe we should put up a nuclear reactor instead, we can countinue to figure out ways to deal with toxic waste. Or a coal burning plant, we all know what that does to the environment, all though polution does give us some nice sunsets. Think out side the box people, do you just sit at home thinking of ways to bash change, are you the type of person that thinks of conspiracy theory’s. Drive out to Bruce county and tell me what looks more ecologically appropriate the nuclear plant or 30 silent wind turbines. Get on the band wagon, some countrys in Europe are 70% wind energy supplied, and yet we still drive giant SUV s with one person driving in the car pool lane at 140 km/h. Maybe we should stop being pigs and think about our future and our childrens future.

    Change is good

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