2 comments on “Agriculture Canada turns off wind turbine in P.E.I. after health complaints

  1. I like windfarms. You seem to quote a lot of other citizens groups — all your stories are about outraged people! Where is the love?

    You can hate the windpower all you want, but too bad its here and not going anywhere. BTW, see the weather today? Nice and windy on the Bruce.

  2. My and my lady move to the Port Burwell area, where we live in the Country and we are surrounded by these wind turbines. We have only lived here for less then a yr and we both have been sick alot and feel pressure on our ears. Also getting more headaches and i can not hear as well as i have before i moved here. I think people are dismissing the complaints because they are getting paid to have the wind turbines on their property. It should be investigated before it is too late. People health should come first without it you can not do anything

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