One comment on “A critical look at the ‘disciples of doom’

  1. Gore owns a carbon trading company.It is believed that Maurice Strong is involved with him.Strong gives Suzuki’s daughter a job within the UN.Strong is a honourary member of the suzuki foundation with some other industrialists.Strong has IPCC panel prepare report that is now being disputed by many scientists.Strong is the inventor of the kyoto protocol.
    Where is Strong now?It is beleived he is hiding in China from the law.
    Gore keeps his movie going because the G8 countries are about to sign a pact on carbon rading credits.
    Gore’s movie was staged to help pass this new tax through.
    The people will pay huge taxes and renewable subsidies to help out the corporate world.
    Corporate takeovers have never been so prevalent and their pollution will be offset with their commercial wind projects that are oversubsidized by the public.
    Gore stands to be incredibly wealthy just by lying.He is showing what real politicians are made of.

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