3 comments on “wind power is one of the greatest hoaxes of our age

  1. wind power isn’t an energy source it’s a market for natural gas. Why is T. Boone Picken’s flooding the air ways with ads for wind power? So he can sell his natural gas during the 70% of the time the wind speed is wrong. Can’t have a coal-fired steam generation power plant on standby, so it gets backed out of the market. He pulled it off in Texas, coal plants got cancelled, now he’s going nation-wide.

  2. There are 3,717, 792 square miles of area in the continental United States of America. Divide that by 5 billion, or 5 x 10^9, means that there will have to be 1 wind turbine every .00074 square miles, or in other words, 1351 100KW wind turbines every square mile! There are 640 acres to the square mile, OK? [Please include all the lakes, streams, rivers, grand canyon territory, mountain ranges, inaccessible places, etc] That means, there must be 2.1 wind turbines per acre on every square foot of land in the continental United States. Since they need something like 40 acres, minimum each, The United States would have to be 80 times larger than it already is. Put another way, there is not enough unused land on the earth to house all the windmills that would be required to take care of only 1/4th of our energy needs in 2006. Change that to 1 MW turbines, and there still wouldn’t be enough.

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