6 comments on “Frey & Hadden, Wind turbines and health

  1. Thank you so much! i am currentally writing a
    high school debate, whitch i am negative.
    [ topic: we should build more wind farms]
    this have help me so much thank you.

  2. The turbine manufacturers show a computer generated noise analysis that figure into an effected area.Noise studies are non-existant in Ontario.All information is supplied by the energy companies that continue to make their own rules and dictate to our government how it is going to be done.Who cares about the people that are affected the bottom line is that energy companies need to make more of our money.

  3. Have any of you been near a modern wind turbine? they are quiet.. insanley quiet. When I hear the constant complaining about this isssue, it makes me wonder how incredible ignorant our society has become today. Out of all the issues this world is fighting against, why pick wyndfarms to nag about? Do you not see the list full of other issues that you could be fighting against? but no, instead of putting yourself to good use you would rather sit on the computer and write over and over again statements that are hardly even backed up. Now before you start throwing out how ignorant my comment is, here is some actaul facts. MOST wind energy companys (I am not speaking for all of them)are aware that there are certain flaws in wind energy (as there is in any form of energy) they have never pretended that these flaws didnt exsist, they are aware that the wind turbines affect people from certain distances and that bats specifically are affected by the wind turbines… they never denied this to anyone and if you were to zealous, lazy and greedy to look up the pro’s and cons before allowing someone build one on your property then GET OVER IT! I bet the same people that search the internet night after night, looking for more information on how to get rid of these so called “eye sores” in our towns, never actually stopped at the company sites and saw that one company in specific (vestas) has put over 1.5 million dollars in science reasearch to help cure any flaws that hurt the enviroment or humans. I also bet you didnt know that, that same company pays for some employees to go through university while they work on finding results. Before you start trying to take down these so called “wind monster companies” you better start thinking About who is going to replace the jobs that these companies have provided, who is going to provide a better form of creating clean electricity,? You might also want to star asking yourself, why you are so against these turbines, make sure you have the facts and instead of relying on a bunch of mumble jumble made up by a 50 year old man who has nothing better to do in life then complain complain complain. No one ever said that this form of energy was replacing nuclear centers and gas electricty but it is a safe way to produce extra energy for cunsumption. If windmills didnt work then they wouldnt produce 15000 dollars a day in energy. Well that is my rant, hope it gave you a perspective from the other side of things but knowing people they will skim right by it when they notice it doesnt suite there taste for negativity.

  4. Joan
    I would like to thank you for your rant. It was a good one.
    I invite you to go and live at any of the homes that people have vacated after the arrival of the wind farm.
    Anyway if you don’t already work for Vesta you might give them a call.


  5. Noise pollution? How about 25 years of fuel in a ppol at a nuclear plant that’ll take 1000 years for the radiation do disperse? Who cares about noise pollution.

  6. We are being asked to allow a wind tower to be built on our farm, along with about 100 other wind towers in our area. My question is, “how safe are they, healthwise?”

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