One comment on “400 MW of Wind Capacity Produces O MW of Power

  1. During the last election we were promised that Ontario’s coal plants would be shut down by 2007. Then it was by 2009 and now the plants will be needed until 2015! How could Dwight Duncan get it so wrong? Was he sold a false bill of goods by the Canadian Wind Energy association?

    Duncan’s latest plan to “allow us to allow us to get out of coal with more certainty” is to spend $2.5 billion on a 1000 mile power line from northern Manitoba to Sudbury and $5 billion – on a 1,250-megawatt dam on the Nelson River. How did he think we were going to shut down coal in the first place when the Liberals made their election promise?
    Duncan must be the poster boy of the Corporate Knights.

    Meanwhile American states a lot closer to Manitoba keep running old coal plants and we get their pollution in Southern Ontario. Manitoba can sell them the power. There would be less power wasted as heat along the transmission lines. For $7.5 billion Ontario can build twice the capacity in nuclear generation near the loads that need the power. This latest plan of Dwight Duncan’s might make the robber barons happy but it makes no sense re. the environment and costs to Ontario electricity consumers. Beware of robber barons disguised in “green” camouflage.

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