2 comments on “154 new coal-fired plants

  1. According to New York Times article” It’s Free, Plentiful and Fickle”:

    “In Texas, as in many other parts of the country, power companies are scrambling to build generating stations to meet growing peak demands, generally driven by air-conditioning for new homes and businesses. But power plants that run on coal or gas must “be built along with every megawatt of wind capacity,” said William Bojorquez, director of system planning at the Electric Reliability Council of Texas.”


    The green rabble is being selective with the truth when they say we can replace nuclear with wind.
    Yes we can replace nuclear with wind backed up by coal and natural gas. Is that more sustainable and green than nuclear? Why has the Provincial government fed the hype? Why is the government now appeasing the anarchists that would have us freeze in the dark? The big corporate power users in Ontario are quite happy to go along with the game as long as they get their preferential rates. Who will be paying the 11 cents-kw hr for wind? Who will be paying for the 50 cent -kw hr for peak power? Who will be paying for the smart thermostats that they are installing free? Who will be paying for the smart meters? Who pays for the overpaid CEOs running the OPA, OEB and IESO? Who else but the little sheeple.

  2. Alberta is working on a low emissions coal plant.Is this a better way to make power than natural gas with wind?Smog is the biggest problem in Ontario and gas is helping to create the problem.Wind will only work in our area if it is small scale residential use.

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