One comment on “Would you like to live in propellor city?

  1. Canwea(canadian wind energy association) has lobbied the government and its establishments to promote wind power throughout Canada.
    They refuse to debate their propaganda .
    Intermittent wind power is backed heavily with gas that you can call it gas power backed up by wind. 2%-5% efficient?
    The main reason for wind power is to help create a carbon trading network .
    In Ontario the general size of surveyed lots is approx. 100 acres or 800m by 400m.
    The ministry of the environment states there should be no impact over 1000m .
    Studies show otherwise 1500m.
    Canwea would not be able to promote these wind farms to safe distances becausee the general size of properties are too small.
    Canwea promotes 350metres to a house.a 121m high 1.65 huge megawatt generator.
    In my area there is now several families unable to live in their own home due to stray voltage and noise .
    The Ontario goverment continues to say that the problem is all in these Canadians heads.There is no problem!
    We demand better!

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